5 simple steps to raise an unbiased child


As children grow up they start noticing the different skin colors, ethnicities, genders, and physical abilities of other people. Be it in their society, school, or other places, they observe all of it around them.

As parents is it one of our many responsibilities to teach the little ones about all the diversity of life. So they see the world with their unbiased eyes and be good to every person they come across. For making a positive start on this, here’s a simple list of five pointers that can help you and your little one get a more unbiased view of the surroundings.(unbiased child)

  1. unbias_secondExpose your child to a mix of children: In your neighborhood or some other nearby areas, there must be a place full of children from different races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Try to take your child there once a week after school. Let her/him mingle with them and explore.
  2. Fill the shelf with books: If your child loves to read, get books and magazines that are filled with people of all races, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. The more she/he reads about them, the broader her / his mind gets to embrace them. (unbiased child)
  3. Turn a prejudicial remark into learning: Children have a tendency to pick things up they hear other people say. Which they might use on other children without realizing what it actually means. Help your child understand the meaning of these remarks and what implications they would bring. So they understand it and don’t repeat them ever again. (unbiased child)
  4. Teach them to speak up: A good way to raise an unbiased child is by teaching her/him to raise her / his voice when she/he sees someone, especially another child, being treated unfairly. Racial abuse and making fun of someone’s physical disabilities are two things that your child should be taught to raise her / his voice against.
  5. Lead by example: For every child her / his first role models are her / his parents. If you want to raise an unbiased child, you will have to show her/him how unbiased you actually are. If you greet people with different skin colors well, your child will automatically pick this trait up and follow in your footsteps.

The world is full of people who are different from each other. Yet we all are the same. Our hearts beat alike and are filled with kindness. We are all part of a big society that needs to admire and respect each other to live happily and peacefully. Once your child gets this message she/he will be able to get a better hold on her / his actions and emotions in these aspects. Being unbiased is what all of us need to be today.


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