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Parenting is a journey that begins much before actually giving birth to your little one. Expectant parents usually build a strong emotional bond with their baby during pregnancy. And with the Nurturey PinkBook, you can enhance your parenting experience right from the start.

Nurturey PinkBook is the smartest digital upgrade for the NHS paper red book. It is aimed at parents with young children and pregnant women. Nurturey’s intuitive tools help you navigate the journey of your child’s health and your pregnancy while feeling supported, informed and empowered.

As a leading supplier of the Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR) program by the NHS, Nurturey’s PinkBook will be a digital upgrade to the NHS paper red book. It gives you access to your child’s health records and trusted guidance directly from the NHS servers. All this content is curated specifically for your stage in the parenting journey.

In addition, Nurturey’s online NHS health services enable you to link to your online GP account. This gives you access to your child’s and your own health records. You can also book appointments with the GP for your children, your pregnancy and your family. It also lets you reorder prescriptions for you and your family. With timely alerts and access of trusted NHS guidance, the PinkBook helps parents and pregnant women with their family’s and their own health needs.

What are PinkBook Tools?

Child Health

  • Vaccination – This tool helps parents track their child’s vaccination schedule, receive timely reminders for upcoming vaccinations and trusted information about vaccines directly from the NHS
  • Measurement – This digital tracking tool helps to maintain and keep tabs on certain key growth records. These records include length/height, weight and head circumference. Many intuitive and advanced tools help parents track their child’s development more effectively. This often leads to timely interventions. These tools include growth charts, BMI, Z score, and more.
  • Milestones – This is an exciting one for all parents. It gives them a chance to update events such as rolling over, smiling and their little one’s first words. Additionally, it also informs parents for upcoming milestones and prepares them accordingly.
  • Dental health – These tools are designed to help you keep a close eye on a child’s oral health by tracking the shedding and eruption of teeth. It gives you a holistic oral health record of the child.
  • Vision health – This tool helps parents keep their child’s eyesight records. It also gives them access to a paediatric gold standard test for colour blindness. The vision health tools helps parents manage their child’s vision health. For now, this tool is only available to iOS users.

In addition to above mentioned, there are other tools that help parents log, manage and record their child’s important health events. Check out these tools such as Timeline, Documents and Calendar.


  • Prenatal Test – This tool manages all the tests and scans to be carried out during a pregnancy. It also sends trusted information directly from NHS servers, preparing mothers-to-be for their health checks.
  • Pregnancy Health Card – Health records such as blood pressure, haemoglobin, weight are pulled from the GP, as well as self-recorded entries are managed by this tool. This allows pregnant women to get the complete picture of their health journey.
  • Kick Counter – It helps moms-to-be track baby’s movements (kicks, punches, rolls) and understand patterns to ensure overall wellbeing of the baby.
  • NHS Pregnancy Guides: Access trusted guidance directly from the NHS. These cover important pregnancy topics such as Vaccinations, Common Pregnancy Ailments, Preparing for Birth and more. The NHS Weekly Guides describe each week’s growth and development for both mother and baby, helping women better understand their pregnancy.

Popular features such as NHS Library (directly from the NHS), Pointers and FAQ are parental and pregnancy guidance such as articles, listicles and videos that are sent to parents and pregnant women, relevant to the stage of their parenting journey.

Thanks to all these tools and data science, Nurturey PinkBook is a smart, insightful, intuitive digital version of the paper red book.

It’s like Red, only better.


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Anisha Sodhi is a General Physician with a Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). Her main takeaway from the degree was how important communication is as people tend to get easily overwhelmed and confused while visiting doctors. Joining Team Nurturey gave her the chance to do exactly that because nobody requires as much reassurance and support as parents to be or parents.

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