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5 reasons why a break is good for you

To watch children grow is the most satisfying experience for a mom. Nurturing kids is the essence of Motherhood, and to be able to see your children imbibe good values and become compassionate, empathetic, responsible, independent individuals are the most rewarding. Each and every mother willingly go through sleepless nights, crying sessions, frustrating moments, meltdowns, and much more to be able to give her best to her children.

Moms often tend to neglect themselves and get away with it. As a new mother, her child becomes her priority, and she puts his/her needs before her’s and her partner’s. While raising a child is important, it’s equally important to be happy, feel fulfilled and energetic while doing so.

Here are 5 reasons why taking a break is good:

  1. You’re Not Superhuman – all human beings need to recharge and rejuvenate. A tired body and mind = compromised output. To give the best to your child, you need to be in excellent health both mentally and physically. Listen to what your body says, pay attention to any/all signs of change that need to be consulted for, do not ignore any conditions/pains that are occurring at repeated intervals. Acknowledge you need that extra hour to nap, to walk and to just be by yourself.
  2. Your Spouse Needs You – try not to push your marriage behind. Mothers tend to take their spouse for granted, there’s always a tendency to push them behind. You both are the reason why your kids are here today. Spend time together even if it means doing mundane tasks as a couple, could be cooking, reading besides each other, taking a walk with the kids together and sometimes making sure the baby sitter is home on regular basis. Make sure you listen to him just as you did before the kids and are there for him.
  3. Children Learn To Value Individual Space – by taking your time off you’re also teaching your child to value each other as individuals. Children learn it’s a good thing to honor someone’s need to be by themselves. Let your child understand and transition into a sensitive person who is able to identify Self Space.
  4. Children Tend To Get Into Hobbies – often children develop an interest in hobbies like reading, art, music, dance when they watch their mother indulge time in her hobby. This is a healthy way to tap into their potential and interests.
  5. Children Turn Out To Be Independent – children are very smart, they have an amazing sense of how to get their jobs done through their moms. When moms are always around children depend completely on their mommies (often). By taking time off, you will be encouraging your child to start doing little chores on his/her own.

The next time you take a break, do so willingly and happily. Remember this break has a positive impact on your family not just you. While you master this art, do share this learning with your friends and help them understand why taking a break is a must.


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