7 ways to get your toddler to be active indoors!


Over the last few months, a lot of our lives have been indoors. But that isn’t to say we can’t try to be active indoors. This is especially true for young children who are a bundle of energy and have nowhere to spend it!

So here are a few ways to get you and your child get some fun time, while staying active indoors:

The floor is lava!

A popular game in all cultures, the floor is lava is a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon inside. You’re divided into two – the tagged denner and the players. The denner has ownership of the ground and the players can only jump from surface to surface (stools, sofa, chairs). The denner has to catch a player in the act of stepping on the ground. Get ready for a lot of giggles and screeching!

Stay Active Indoors

Spontaneous dance party

It’s a Sunday afternoon – you’ve just all had family breakfast and you feel like doing something fun? Blast your kids’ favourite songs and have a dance party in the living room. You can even choreograph a dance from scratch and put it up for your family to see!

Imitate animals

Be it a horse, an elephant or a lion, imitating animals is a really fun way to get your toddlers to be active. You can even make it into a cute race around the house as the animal you chose.

Scavenger hunt

A little more of an effort but a whole lot of fun, having a scavenger hunt is the best! Hide everyday items around the house and give your child a list and time limit to find them. Not only does it make them physically active but also mentally engaged!

Indoor bowling

Take empty plastic bottles and line them up as bowling pins and use any ball as the bowling ball. Follow the regular rules of bowling and make it into a tournament (Added bonus? If you have a pre-schooler or older, they can be in charge of counting of how many pins got knocked down)

Follow me!

This is a fun twist to an old classic – stand in a circle and play music and get your kids to follow you. The first person does a move (wiggle, march, jumping jacks etc) and the next person has to do that same move and add one of their own. The last person to remember all steps is crowned the winner!

Hit the balloon

An addictively fun game, all you need is a balloon and enthusiasm! There are many ways you can play with it – divide into teams and play balloon volleyball, everyone has their own balloon and you keep hitting it in the air, not letting it touch the ground. Just make sure your child is okay with the pop!

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