The future of the NHS paper red book


“They grow up so fast!” is a phrase we’ve all heard more times than we can count. As fun as a parenting journey is, it’s astonishing how quickly your little one transitions from a new born to an infant to a toddler. Everything changes at warp speed but the one thing that is constant through these transitions is tracking your child’s growth and development. That’s where the NHS red book comes in to help.

The NHS red book, also known as the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), is a standard health and development record given to parents just before or at their child’s birth. It contains your baby’s details of their growth and development – it’s where measurements are recorded, milestones described and noted and vaccinations are charted. The NHS red book is filled in by parents, GP’s and health visitors – a complete record of a child’s health journey.

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The book is divided into 4 sections, covering different aspects of a child’s health and  development.

Child details Details of the baby, including NHS number, address and other personal information
Immunisations List of all vaccinations – when and how your baby will receive them.
Screening and routine reviews Schedule of development reviews that include examination of a child’s physical development.
Growth charts Measuring a child’s height, weight and head circumference, plotting it against a standardised chart.


Carrying these to every appointment makes it even easier to keep tabs on important milestones and overall development.

The NHS red book has become a staple with parents all over the UK. But with healthcare moving into the digital age, the NHS realised it’s time the paper red book gets a digital makeover. Thus, they launched the Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR) program. This digital version aims to compliment the already existing, efficient NHS red paper book. Digitization allows better accessibility to multiple records at once, better preserves these records over a long period of time as well as allows for a more interactive user experience.

Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR)

The DPCHR program aims to make it easier for parents to access their child’s health records, empowering them on their child’s health journey. By digitising the red book, making it available on smartphones and tablets, parents can track their child’s health and development actively as well as receive intuitive guidance and reminders for upcoming health events.

Nurturey Pinkbook is the smartest digital upgrade to the NHS red book

As a leading supplier of the DPCHR program, Nurturey has integrated successfully with different aspects of NHS systems. In addition, Nurturey PinkBook has integrated with GP systems, giving you access to your and your family’s online GP account

What does all that mean? Imagine you get up in the morning and get a reminder it’s your little one’s vaccination is coming up soon. On clicking the reminder, you can book their appointment with the GP. A couple of days later, you get NHS articles about the upcoming vaccination. Once it’s done, your child’s records are automatically updated – alleviating a parent’s worry.

Imagine no more – that is exactly what Nurturey PinkBook does, and so much more!

Features of the Nurturey PinkBook

With intuitive tools such as Vaccinations, Measurements, Milestones, Dental, and more, tracking your child’s growth and development has never been this informative, intuitive and easy. The PinkBook’s sophisticated health algorithms make sure parents receive reminders, alerts, and health insights throughout their parenting journey.

Through its NHS GP integration, parents can access their child’s health records, book appointments with the GP as well as reorder prescriptions for themselves and their family, and access NHS articles and videos directly from the NHS systems – resulting in interactive health experience. Not only can one manage their family’s records, one can also manage appointments, prescriptions, and records during pregnancy. Prenatal care is as elaborate as child health and staying on top of it is made simpler via this GP integration.

The Nurturey PinkBook goes beyond parenting, by taking care of you from your pregnancy stages! As one of the better maternity apps, the PinkBook extends the same intuitiveness and ingenuity to its pregnant users. Be it booking an appointment with their GP surgery-linked midwife, getting reminders of upcoming scans and tests, promoting a kick counter tool to monitor baby’s movements, or receiving trusted guidance directly from the NHS, the PinkBook believes in helping women navigate their pregnancy adventure.

With the PinkBook always evolving, the future of the NHS child red book is digital, smart, insightful and intuitive. The future of red is pink.


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Anisha Sodhi is a General Physician with a Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). Her main takeaway from the degree was how important communication is as people tend to get easily overwhelmed and confused while visiting doctors. Joining Team Nurturey gave her the chance to do exactly that because nobody requires as much reassurance and support as parents to be or parents.