Temperament; natural or nurtured?


You will notice that children’s temperament and their personalities aren’t the same for all the children. They are as much individuals, as we grown-ups are. For example, it can be easier to deal with one of your children than the other. Have you ever thought what actually contributes to those differences? Were they born that way? Or is it something they acquired?

Temperament is the child’s way of dealing with situations and expressing his feelings. Children are born with genes that determine their temperament; however, their experiences tend to be more powerful on reshaping it.  We as parents should look at temperament as a special trait that makes our child different, therefore we should not aim to change their temperaments instead we together discover how to deal with it.

The best way to deal with your child’s temperament is to accept it, be patient, and find strategies that work with your child’s temperament and not against it. For example, if you know that your child is impatient, you do not ask him to wait for his turn like his other siblings. Instead we can make the waiting process fun for him until his turn comes.

In the end, remember that a child’s temperament does not indicate whether he is good or bad, it just makes him unique. Don’t change it, discover how to embrace it.  

If you have a baby it is important to be aware of the things that may affect your baby’s temperament . An experienced mother may be aware of these changes and can help you with this we understand that parents will be anxious about their children’s health, and Nurturey is trying to provide the best information that will help them take better care of their children. 

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Hanan Kazim is an Early Childhood Specialist with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the United Arab Emirates University, and an alumna of Leadership and multiculturalism program at Almaktoum College of Higher Education in Scotland.

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