3 Key Tips to Balance Work Life and Motherhood


Having a baby is one of the significant moments in a woman’s life. As the maternity leave comes to an end you may feel conflicted. Returning to work may be by choice, or out of necessity but leaving your precious child in someone else’s care keeps you wondering if you are doing justice to motherhood.

Women who have successfully managed to have taken on the dual role of being a responsible mother and continuing in the professional career admit that to balance work life responsibilities is not possible without the support of the key people within their community.

The few helpful tips that they suggest include:

  • Involve your partner: It is a known fact that everyone has just 24-hours a day. Involving the father not only helps you manage the busy time better but also enables a bond to develop between the infant and father. In time this becomes an important paternal bond where values are instilled.
  • Line up childcare early: Spend time to look for a reliable childcare centre. You can check out nearby childcare centres, nannies, to decide which arrangement fits your needs best. It would be good to do this early as most centres have a waiting list. You could conduct a thorough background check. A well run, high-quality infant care centre will ensure that besides providing routine care, your infant’s developmental needs are well met. Knowing this will allow you to develop trust before leaving your little one in their care.
  • Prioritise: You would need to prioritise your tasks. Cleaning, laundry or cooking can be outsourced to make quality time with your child. Some mothers change jobs to accommodate their new family responsibilities. Prioritising helps keep everything in perspective and helps you approach each task objectively.

Everyone’s situation is unique. Hence, making your decision based on how you want to balance work life would be a step in the right direction. Although you may not be able please everyone, do remember that a happy baby makes a happy mother.

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