5 reasons to plan a holiday with your children


One thing that children always look forward to with bated breath is the summer. This is probably the single longest duration they get to enjoy doing what they love the most. In fact, most children start making their holiday plans many months in advance. And why not? A holiday is what makes them happy, fills them with expectations, and gives them a reason to go to bed with a smile on their face.

But there’s more to a holiday than just making children happy. Children also need to break away from their everyday life and discover new things. A holiday is what motivates them to go out of their comfort zone and realize their own potential. It teaches them how beautiful the world out there is and how they can be a part of it. A perfect holiday is what every child deserves and should get it each year. Wondering why? Here’s how a holiday can help your children.

  1. Cognitive development: Nothing advances a child’s brain development like a refreshing holiday. It is a period that sets children free, mentally and physically, and inspires them to explore more. Getting familiar with a new landscape or city, reinvigorates children from within and fills them with a new-found energy. In a doctor’s language, at a holiday, children’s Play System and Seeking System, which are considered to be the two genetically ingrained systems within the brain’s limbic area, are exercised and work at their best. Be it getting their hands dirty in the sand or dipping their toes in the pool, every time they do something they love their brain develops a little more.
  2. Creative enhancement: All children come with their own and unique sets of creative abilities. Some get to discover their skills, others don’t. A holiday at a serene setting can enable them being more creative and inspire them to unleash their hidden skills. A sunset, which is very rare to witness in cities, can fill your child with never-felt-before happiness and inspire her / him to imagine. Building a sand castle or carving a funny face on the rock can be a sign that your child is a creative genius. A holiday, this summer vacation, might just work as an excuse to bring your child’s creative side out.
  3. Family bonding: A holiday is the best time that parents can spend with their children. Away from home, from city chaos, pollution and boredom, a holiday is what enables children to see their parents in a new light. This is the time when they see them as not just parents but their partners in fun. This kind of togetherness brings children so close to their parents that even a simple thing as collecting tree branches or plucking fruits feels amazing. During holidays, children actually find a friend in their parents.
  4. Stress reduction: Like adults, children go through stress too. Be it the pressure of scoring good marks or beating their friends in sports, getting good at everything puts children through so much ‘self-created’ stress. This stress needs to be gone before it takes a toll on them. A getaway from school, friends and daily routine is what makes it possible. A holiday to a pristine place can make children forget about everything else and just be themselves. Playful activities like handball or swimming can bring their stress levels to the ground.
  5. Never-before learning experience: The world is full of beautiful things children can enjoy. Which, unfortunately, they can’t because of their daily routines. Since school and studies at home take the most of their time, they are not left with much to explore more. Here, a holiday comes to their rescue. Children learn the maximum personality traits during holidays. Exploring an alien place, making new friends and getting social with people they have never seen before, all of it gives them a memorable experience. They take a lot back from a holiday and learn things for their life.

This summer, make sure you pack your bags and explore a new place. Your children will not only love it, but learn so many things as well. And remember, sometimes you need to travel a long distance to bring your family close. So mark your dates and make your plans to turn this summer into the greatest family time that you will ever have!

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