5 simple tips to manage a lazy child


So your child is a little lazy and loves to stay indoors. No problem. Some children prefer to stay inactive until they really have to go out and do a task. Or they might be too glued to studies that getting social, following a sport, or doing day-to-day chores do not excite them enough.

Whatever the case may be, you can always try a few steps that will help to make them more active than they currently are. Because an active child is a healthy child. Here are a few tricks you can apply to drag your lazy child out of that couch and make her/him more active.

  1. Involving in daily activities: There are hundreds of jobs that you accomplish throughout the day. Involving your child in them will be a good idea. Be it in the kitchen or any other department, ask your child to help you out. If you need anything from the nearby grocery store, ask her/him to run an errand and bring that for you.
  2. Joining a sports club: Sports is the best way to keep a child active and healthy. Ask your child what she/he would like to pursue and search for the best club around for that. If your child resists following a sport, emphasize its importance and benefits. Sports have the tendency to grow in children. Once she/her starts indulging in it, things will surely change and she/he will become more active.
  3. Asking for their friends’ help: Discussing your child’s laziness with her / his friends can provide you with some relevant information. If you talk to her / his school friends, you will know if she/he behaves the same in school. This will give you an insight into her / his mind. Which will help you come out with the right kind of plan to make her/him active.
  4. Talking to their teacher: After having discussed it with her / his friends, the next step is to have a friendly chat with her / his teachers and seek their guidance. Since your child spends a very relevant amount of time in school, her / his teachers can also join in your endeavor to turn her/him into an active child. Get hold of your child’s sports teacher, explain the whole situation, and request him to involve her/him in more activities.
  5. lazy_secondPlanning an outing: If your child is lazy by nature, always staying inside the house will only add to her / his laziness. Plan an outdoor activity more often. What will be better is that you let her/him take charge of it. From planning the place to go to arrange all the essentials, let her/him take a shot at it. Once she/he gets into this habit, you won’t have to ask her/him to plan the next outing.

There are a number of things you can do to drag laziness out of your child’s mind and body. The points mentioned above will give you a kick-start. As your child becomes more active, you will know which activity she/he likes the most. Accordingly, you can pick that more often and see your child indulging in activeness like never before.


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