5 steps to help your child maintain the right sport-academic balance


So your child is interested in sports. Now the one thing that you can be assured of is that he is going to live a healthy and active life. But at what cost? Parents often face this dilemma when their child is too dedicated to a sport. How will it affect her / his grades? Will she/he still be interested in his studies? What if she/he does not get good at this sport? These are a few questions continuously popping up in their heads and making them nervous. But don’t worry. Your child pursuing a sport is a sign that she/he is ready to take up a challenge and has chosen her / his life’s goal.

Yet it is equally important to ensure that his passion for sports does not come in the way of / his personal and educational life. With a few precautionary and smart measures, you can hone your child’s sports skills without disturbing her / his educational progress and other day-to-day routines.

  1. Hire a good coach: Since your child is truly passionate about sports, it will only be wise to get her / him the best coach that you can find. A coach will study your child thoroughly, analyze her / his weak and strong areas and come up with a plan to bring out the champion in her / him. Getting a coach will also inform your child that you approve of her / his passion and motivate her/him to perform with all the potential.
  2. Talk to the teachers: Now that your child will dedicate a large amount of time to his passion every day, it will be better to meet her / his teachers and discuss the same with them. Request them to keep an eye on your child and analyze her / his performance regularly. So all of you can know if her / his passion for sports is affecting her / his academic performance negatively. Make it a point to meet her / his sports teacher as well and chat about the sports your child has taken up.
  3. sport_secondFix a tight schedule: To ensure that your child does not indulge in sports more than required, you will have to fix a very tight schedule. Make sure that she/he practices for a specific amount of time. Also, once the child is back home, talk about sports as little as you can. Take interest in her / his school life and help in completing homework. Your involvement in these things will also help keep your child’s interest level high.
  4. Appreciate efforts: It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a sportsperson. And your child must be burning a lot of energy at it. If you get to see her/him practice, never shy away from appreciating her / his efforts. The biggest appreciation for a child comes from her / his parents. Your words will motivate her/him to aim for greater heights.
  5. sport_thirdFocus on health: A child concentrating on sports and academics simultaneously needs additional care. She/he will need extra proteins and vitamins to stay physically strong and mentally active; for both sports and studies. Also, make sure that your child gets enough sleep. Sleeping less will leave a negative impact on her / health and concentration.

Once your child gets used to following a tightly-knit routine and adjusts herself/himself accordingly, then you can sit back and relax a bit. Because by now she/he would have become more responsible towards every aspect that concerns her/him. With your help, your child can successfully maintain a balance between sports, academics, and personal life. All she/he needs is your support and a little motivation every now and then. And maybe soon she/he will become the next sports sensation that other children will look up to.


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