5 tips to teach time management to your little one


As everything around us evolves and gets advanced, the race amongst children to become better is getting tougher by the day. The parents of school going children understand it better than the others. As a result, the pressure to perform better mounts equally on the children and their parents.

To stay ahead in the race one aspect is very crucial to understand – time management. Since children have a lot many things to do within a few hours, time management takes the top spot. Those who master the art of time management find their way to success smooth and peaceful. As a parent it is one of your many responsibilities to help your child learn to manage her / his time. Here we have shortlisted five ways through which you can teach your child the art of time management.

  1. Keep a time table: Scheduling time for everything helps a lot. Always keep a time table and dedicate specific hours for specific things so your child has a goal to achieve in front of her / him. It will take your child some time and effort to get used to this time table, but once she / he starts following it, things will fall right in place and she / he will only get better at it.
  2. time_child_studyDedicate a study area: When children study in a peaceful, dedicated environment, their focus gets better and things get done faster. See if you can provide your child with a specific area where she / he can study. Tell her / him that she / he owns this place as far as studies are concerned. It will provide her / him with a sense of control of the place which, in turn, will inspire her / him to perform better.
  3. Provide the tools needed: If you want your child to manage time better, you need to equip her / him with a few basic tools. A watch, timer and calendar can help her / him get a grip on things and get them done faster. Where a watch will help her / him keep a track of time, a timer will help her / him understand her / his abilities to get things done. A calendar will help her / him understand the whole schedule and prepare better for it.
  4. time_sleepSchedule a specific bedtime: This may not seem like an integral part of the whole time management process, but keeping a specific bedtime comes with a lot of benefits. Children who sleep and wake up at a specific time are more energized than others. It also goes to show that they have adopted a schedule and are sticking to it. Which makes them more focused towards other things and they start following their regular schedule without any guidance from the parents.
  5. Let technology help them: Technology comes with its pros and cons. As a parent, it is up to you how you decide to use it for the betterment of your child. If you think getting your child a new gadget, like a smart calculator, will help her/him excel in his studies, get her/him one. Let her/him spend some quality time on your laptop to learn new things. Remember that technology can help your child to manage time better and will enable her/him to find new ways to do things faster.

The sooner your child adapts to time management, the better things will get for her/him. As time management is one aspect that will not only help your child to shine in studies but will go a long way after the school years are over. Time management is one of the most crucial aspects of highly successful people. So if you want to see your child getting all the success she/he deserves, teach her/him to excel at time management and everything else will just follow.


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