5 ways to discover your child’s potential


Every child possesses her / his distinct set of potential. While some excel academically, others choose sports, arts, music, etc. to make the most of their abilities. Children, from a very early age, start displaying the signs of their potential in the form of interests, habits and passion.

If parents keep a keen eye they can easily discover where the heart of their child belongs to. The sooner they realize their child’s abilities, the more time and opportunities their child will get to nurture her / his inner talent. To simplify things and set the ball rolling for you, we have come up with the five easiest ways to track your child’s potential early.

  1. Look for their interests

    Children love to do so many things. From playing to painting, or reading to running, there are a number of things they love to do throughout the day. And among these, there must be one thing that would interest them the most. Since your child spends the most time at home, figuring this out should not be a problem. For example, if your child loves to draw, on paper, floor or walls, she/he might be interested in a creative field like designing or architecture. Or if she / he loves to read, literature or writing might be in her / his mind. (child’s potential)

  2. Watch for their hobbies:                                                                                                                           Hobbies are different from interests. They might be short-lived, like learning guitar during a summer break or rock climbing on a weekend outing with family. Your child’s hobby might be the area where her / his real potential actually lies. Summer camps or weekend classes can be a great way to nurture your child’s hobby and know whether she/he can make a career out of it. Talk to her/him about it to understand how far she/he is ready to take it.
  3. Notice their love for subjects: Different children have different inclinations towards the subjects they study in school. Some love math, some science, and some English. At home, they will study those subjects that they have developed a liking for. If you can’t figure it out on your own, look at your child’s grades and they will explain a lot about her / his love for the subject. If your child loves physics, then engineering or astrophysics might become her / his cup of tea when she/he grows up.
  4. Never underestimate their passion for sports: There’s more to potential than just books and
    studies. Sports is one field in which children are the most passionate. The sport your child plays in her / his school and with friends can be where her / his talent lies. In today’s age, where more children are taking up sports in school and turning it into a profession, sports is one of the best careers that one can choose. If your child is passionate about any sports, never hesitate to provide her/him with the professional guidance she/he needs to excel in it.
  5. Study their behavior: By behavior, we mean how they carry themselves in their friend groups, family circles, and social gatherings. How they treat others and represent themselves in the company of others tell a lot about their personality and interpersonal skills. Children who know how to handle a situation all by themselves and have the ability to mingle around do really well in media, communication, marketing, sales, journalism, or management. If your child’s interpersonal skills are better than others and she/he likes to take the lead, she/he will do really well in one of these professions.

As children grow and their abilities evolve, their potential also grows with them. As they become more familiar with different things, their interests develop and also change with time. A healthy family environment plays a very vital role in nurturing their potential to the fullest. The more inspiration they get from their parents to pursue a specific thing, the more motivated and confident they feel in their abilities. Make sure that as a parent you provide them with every support and guidance they need from you. Soon you will see them blossom and make the most of their potential.  


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