5 ways to make your child exercise more


Like adults, children need to exercise too. It is a great way to ensure that their bones get stronger, their muscles grow and they don’t put on unnecessary weight. Also, children who are physically fit sleep better than those who are not.

The amount of exercise they get on a daily basis in school, during their playing hours, might not be enough for them. If your children are sedentary, a few fun exercises can change that. As a parent, you must find ways to keep your children healthy and fit all the time at home. Here are five ways through which you can ensure that your children get a good amount of exercise while having fun.

  1. Buy them a bicycle: A bicycle is the first ride every children gets to enjoy. Owning one also fills them with great pride. Children love to ride on their bicycle for fun without realising the great amounts of exercise they are getting from it. Cycling is one of the best exercises your child can do. It will not only make her / him strong but will always keep her / him happy and does not need a big ground as well.
  2. Walk with them: We are talking about both: morning and evening walks. Nothing fills your children’s lungs with fresh air like a morning walk and nothing helps to digest the food like a long evening walk after dinner. Walking is an activity that will keep your children always fit apart from building endurance and stamina.
  3. Take them for a swim: Children love swimming because of the fact that they love water. This is one exercise they will never say NO to. Swimming helps in more ways than one. It focuses on every muscle of their body and adds flexibility to it. Plus, it is a lot of fun.
  4. Let them roll: Children love to feel the power of wheels! Give them skates and watch their passion run wild. The great thing about skating is that the upper body movements add flexibility to their body while the lower body movements build accuracy and balance.
  5. Play the ball game: Soccer! The name alone fills every child with excitement. It is not just a game. It teaches children to build communication skills while getting social with others. A team game, soccer provides every type a fitness your children need. Focusing on their head to toe, it helps to keep children always excited and full of energy. Also, this is one sport that your child can play in his backyard.

These five sports are easy to learn. They don’t just provide exercising benefits, but teach children a lot many other things. Depending upon the age of your children and the amount of time they get on daily basis, you can choose the right exercise for them. you might have to push them a little in the beginning. But once they get a taste of it, they will be hard to stop.


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