5 ways to prevent dry skin in winters


Dry skin in winter can lead to a number of complications, some of which could even be severe. Especially for children who, even after having more delicate skin than adults, choose to ignore it. But as a parent, you just can’t!

In winters, cold temperatures can lead to breaks and cracks in the skin. Where it is impossible to avoid dry skin, some preventive measures can help you to stop it before it turns into a bigger problem. When left unchecked, dry skin can become the cause of eczema, itching, bacterial infections, and skin darkening. Here are a few home remedies that can help your children fight dry skin in winters.

  1. Shorter showers: Children enjoy hot showers in winter. That’s why they tend to spend more time showering. But what they don’t know is that water washes away the natural moisture from the skin and leaves it dry. That’s where you have to step in. Cut short their shower time by half. Also, in place of soaps, use gels or bars that have moisturizers, glycerin, or aloe vera in them.
  2. Plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water even in winters is very important. Water not only keeps your child’s skin hydrated but also helps to avoid cracks and breaks in the skin. So when your child wants to step out to play, give her / him a water bottle and tell her / him to take a sip at regular intervals.
  3. Overnight moisturizing: For the skin that dries out through the day, overnight moisturisation comes as a boon. Before your child goes to bed, apply a good moisturizer to her / his skin. Overnight moisturizing enables the skin to heal back and fight dryness, breaks, and cracks.
  4. Cotton clothing: Woollen or synthetic clothes can further dry out your child’s skin in winters. They may also lead to rash and itch. If possible, replace your child’s woolens with cotton. If it is not completely possible, add a layer of cotton under woollen or synthetic clothing. Using cotton or satin covers for blankets can also be good as they are not harsh on the skin while rubbing against it.
  5. Air humidifiers: In winters, when the humidity levels are low, switching on an indoor air humidifier is a very good idea. It increases moisture levels in your home and makes the atmosphere much better for winters. A humidifier is very good to deal with conditions like dry skin, eczema, itchy skin, or allergies.

A healthy skin not only feels better, but it looks better too. The winter period is very crucial when it comes to skincare. Since children are carefree in their attitude, following these steps regularly can ensure they don’t suffer from dry skin. Soon you will witness a positive change in their skin and it will feel softer. For the best outcome, carry on this practice through the competition season.


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