7 alternate ways to make your child feel loved


There isn’t a gift as precious as to make your child feel loved. But what is more important for a parent – to say ‘I love you’ or look for different ways to show it? Children always seek love from their parents. Listening ‘I love you’ never fails to bring a smile to their face. Knowing how much they are loved makes them happy. For parents, love is a feeling that they can express in many ways. Sometimes, when they can’t put that in words, some gestures do the talking for them. So how can you, as a parent, shower your child with love without dropping a word? Here are a few simple yet interesting ways that can help you with this endeavour.

child feel loved

1. Note in a lunchbox: The next time you pack your child’s favourite snack for lunch, sneak in a note that says “Mommy loves you so much” or “For mommy’s little champ.” Where eating the lunch will fill his little tummy, reading the note will fill his heart with joy.

2. Surprise treat: One afternoon when your child is home, give cooking some rest. Take her/him out for lunch to her / his favourite restaurant instead. Let her/him order the food. Just sit back and see how much she/he enjoys the surprise treat.

3. Picture frame: How do children remember the loving times they had with parents? A picture frame of a memory can help them remember that. Place the frame next to her / his bed so she/he can watch it at least twice a day and remember the love you share.

4. Hugs and kisses: One of the best ways to make your child feel loved is by giving hugs and kisses. Even for no reason! When she/he puts the toys back or helps you set the dinner table, give her/him a tight hug or a kiss on the forehead as a token to appreciate her / his effort and make her/him feel loved.

5. TV time: Watch the movies and TV shows that your child loves. Share a laugh with her/him as you go through the watching process. Show your interest by asking about her / his favourite character. Always let her/him pick the movie or show. Make it a weekend routine if possible and never miss it.

6. No rules day: Children don’t like rules. If you really want your child to feel loved, let her/him spend a day without rules. Don’t push her to put her / his toys back. Don’t ask her/him to put the plate back after eating. Don’t expect her/him to go to bed at 9. A day free of rules has ‘love’ written all over it.

7. Discuss the day: Children, no matter how big or small, go through a lot in a day. When your child gets home from school, look for a suitable time and discuss how her / his day went. She/he might not talk much initially but will gradually open up as she/he feels the love behind all your questions. She/he will sense the affection and will take interest in discussing the day with you.

Just like you don’t need a special occasion to showcase your love for your child, you don’t need words to express how much you love her/him.

Everyday gestures can be very powerful when it comes to making your child feel loved. These alternative ways to showcase love can give you enough chances through the day to spread joy in your child’s life.


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