7 compelling reasons to read with your children


Reading with your children has been widely prescribed by the fields of child development, psychology, linguistics and education to name a few. Benefits of reading are considered universal. Here is why you should include reading in your child’s routine.

  1. compel_reading_thirdReading to your child, even preschooler is a strong way to build and strengthen the parent-child relationship. It is the ideal time to bond and share wonderful tales.
  2. When your child looks at words and colorful pictures, it opens a window to a myriad of possibilities. Creativity is unleashed on hearing new stories and imagining up much more.
  3. Reading with your child is key to developing language skills. It helps build vocabulary, comprehension skills, language fluency, intonation and prosody.
  4. Reading is a great way to enhance communication and social skills. They observe interactions of charters and also learn how to express themselves better. Reading also helps inculcate empathy for different characters which translates into real life as well.
  5. Engaging with books and texts also help in developing cognitive skills. Children are exposed to different concepts, scenarios, judgment and logic. Books form a tryst with new ideas and exploration of why and how of things. Reading also aids attention and concentration in children.compel_reading_second
  6. Reading a book or poem repeatedly is also found important for children as increased familiarity with a text helps children with word recognition, fluency in reading, better comprehension and confidence to read aloud.
  7. It is also an important medium to learn about the world around, the environment, cultures and also helps improve general knowledge.

Rendering to these numerous advantages, reading forms a foundation for future development, learning and academic excellence. And children who start reading early are also more likely to continue reading, as they grow older. So do introduce your children to this wonderful activity and you will surely benefit from the exercise too.

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Tamanna Chhabra is a Clinical Psychologist from New Delhi. She specializes in child and adolescent mental health. Her areas of interest are effective parenting, early childhood attachment and social relations, expressive art therapies and children in difficult situations . She loves to travel and when she is not working she is exploring different cultures and cuisines.

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