7 fun things your child can do, instead of watching TV


Television has come a long way to become an inseparable aspect of our lives. In fact, in the modern day scenario, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without it. Television, to a very extent, has proved to be a useful tool and fits very well in our day-to-day life. Right from the news in the morning to our favourite prime time shows, it keeps us aware and entertained. Truth is, we just can’t do without it. And there lies the problem. Specially for our children.

Children have grown so glued to it that they can’t imagine doing other things that are more important for their overall development. They not only waste their precious time watching it, but also lose the opportunity for self-improvement. Television makes their life sedentary and completely unproductive. So parents need to make sure that their children involve themselves in activities which are much better and helpful than watching TV. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of seven fun things your child can easily adopt, to break away from the idiot box and make the best of his time and abilities.

Reading: Books are children’s best friends. They not only make for a great companion, but also add to their imagination. Depending upon the age of your child, you can choose from a variety of book categories which will not only keep him entertained but also open a new gateway for learning new things.

Meeting friends: Teaching children to be social helps in their overall development. Friends are the best way to explore life. Friendship is a bond that lasts forever and also gives birth to healthy competition. Which is also a good way to ensure the development of your child.

Playing: Every child has at least one sport which he loves to play. Find out which sport your child loves and set him free. Playing their favourite sport keeps them happy, healthy and fit. It also works as a reward for their hard work that they put up in school every daynot_tv_third

Joining a class: Apart from books and sports, children have many other areas of interest. Find out what your child likes. He can be passionate about learning to play guitar, singing, dancing, or anything else. Whatever his passion is, just let him take a shot at it. He might find a way to make a career out of his passion!

Being creative:  Children who show interest and apply creativity in their life from an early age tend to be more successful than others. Be it art, cooking or anything else; make sure you give your child a chance to nurture his creative side.

Learning a language: The world is becoming one as the borders are merging. Now is a very good time for your child to learn a second language. You might have plans to set him off to a foreign university tomorrow, and a second language will come very handy there.

Being active: Involve your child more in physical activities. These can be as small as gardening, cleaning his room, taking him along to grocery shopping, asking for his help to shift furniture, or may be some form of physical exercise, like running. The objective is to make sure that he stays active.

These activities can immensely help children get out of the television trap and perform better in their personal and school life. You might have to push them in the beginning, but once they start liking what they do, they will never look back.


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