7 reasons why a summer camp is a good idea


Learning never ends! And now that schools are shut for a while, it’s time to focus on other learning avenues. Like summer camps. From arts to music, sports to cooking, the summer camp market is booming like never before. And why not? A summer camp not only gives children a get away from their routine life but also opens a new window to learn something fresh and new.

As a parent, you should always try to make the most of your child’s free time and have her/him involved in something more skillful. If you ask around or have a look at the newspapers, you will find many summer camps operating with activities your child would love to be a part of.

A summer camp is not just about trying hands at new things but has many other advantages to it. Here are seven of those advantages that will make you realize why you should be sending your child to a summer camp this season.  

  1. To explore new things: Summer camp is a great way to explore something new in a short span of time. Here children get to learn and experience what they don’t go through in their daily life, at home, and at school. Engaging in new things helps children realize their true potential and teaches them how to accept failure and put in more effort. It boosts their morale and fills them with the necessary confidence to do things on their own. Also, this new exploration is more focused and specific, so children never go off the track when it comes to learning.
  2. To get social on their own: A summer camp is a safe place away from home. Here children learn to find their own ways and live in close quarters with other children. Hence, a summer camp becomes an opportunity to turn strangers into friends. Making friends is also important because many activities require children to work as a team. Here their chemistry with each other comes into play. The more comfortable with each other or the better they understand each other or the stronger their bond is; the better team they will make. Once the children get to know each other their friendship might continue after the camp and they could end up becoming friends for life.
  3. To bring out their creative side: Every child is a creative powerhouse. Sometimes a summer camp just becomes an excuse to bring out her / creative side. You will be amazed to know how many children actually realize their creative prowess only after joining a summer camp. Be it arts, music, or anything else, a summer camp is a certain way of bringing out your child’s creative knack in the open.
  4. To be one with the outdoors: Children love the outdoors. But their city life does not allow them to be one with nature as much as they want. A summer camp is the best way to spend great quality time in the outdoors and let them develop a love for mother nature. Nature is silently vanishing from our lives as we are getting busier and busier with our day-to-day routines. A summer camp will give many reasons to your child to rekindle a passion for nature and also provide an opportunity to live in its lap.
  5. To get more physical activity: Children, at home or school, get exposed to limited physical activities. As a result, they either put on weight or get inactive. A summer camp that includes horse riding, rock climbing, soccer, cricket, or any other adventure sport is a fantastic place for children to get their zeal back and become active again.
  6. To get a break from gadget addiction: Technology has intruded very deep into our children’s lives. It is, to a very extent, turning children into couch potatoes. Which makes a negative impact on their health and well-being in the long run. A summer camp will enable your child to get out of this technology trap and give her/him a much-needed break from addictive gadgets.
  7. To become independent: A summer camp is a place that makes children independent. The workshops, the tasks and the competition brings out their ability to accomplish the goals on their own and gain independence. This independence brings with it the realisation of their true potential and what they can achieve with it, without any help. Once gained, this independence goes a long way to help them achieve success in their personal and professional life.

These are just a handful of advantages that your child will get once she/he joins a summer camp. And the more summer camps she/he becomes a part of, the more skillful she/he will get. If you want your child to become more responsible, independent and skillful, sending her / him off to a summer camp should be at the top of your list then.




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