7 signs to show your child might be going through depression


Depression has intruded so deep into our lives that now even our young ones are getting severely affected by it. Rising competition or peer group pressure, whatever the reason may be, depression among children is on a high. Since children have less experience to deal with this kind of state of mind, they usually end up giving in to it. Most of them don’t even know what they are going through. So the responsibility to help a child cope with depression falls on the shoulders of his parents.

Since children are unaware of their condition, they are not able to tell or share anything with their parents. Hence, reading the signs and understanding the situation all by themselves becomes important for parents. To make things easier for you, we have summed up a few points that will help you judge your child’s state and draw a significant conclusion from it.

Talking less

If your otherwise talkative child is withdrawing himself from speaking much lately, there’s something pessimistic going on inside his head. Depression makes children to limit their interaction with others.

Staying more in his room

Once depressed, a child will lock himself in his own room and come out only when it’s extremely necessary, like for dinner. Depressed children find solace in loneliness and make it their whole world.

Not going out to play

There’s no child in this world who does not like to play. If your child avoids playing for no specific reason, there’s something really wrong with him. Since depression has taken over, his physical condition will deteriorate and he feels tired all day long.

depressionEating less

Once the depression takes its toll, your child will slowly lose the appetite to eat. Even if it is his favorite meal, he will leave it half-eaten on the plate. He will mostly say ‘no’ to eating new dishes and avoid even tasting them.

Losing concentration

Depending upon the degree of depression your child is suffering from, he will start to lose concentration in whatever he does. His performance in school will also get immensely affected.

Avoiding friends

If your child starts to give less importance to his friends, in school or at home, is a clear sign that he wants to cut off from every social circle that he can. His sudden loss of interest in his valuable friends might just be the beginning of a solitary life he has embarked upon.

Making excuses for not going to school

Children suffering from depression will try their best to avoid any place where they have to face other people. If your child makes excuses for not going to school for invalid or no reasons, the matter by now has become far more serious. If you find any of the above-mentioned signs in your child, it is always good to sit and talk to him politely. If he starts reciprocating, the situation will not turn out to be that bad. But if he resists or walks off, then you must seek the help of a professional consultant. All you need to keep in mind is that depression in children is a very common phenomenon today and is completely curable under experienced supervision. At this stage, your child needs your love and support. And if you keep showering him with both, he will get well in no time and start living the way he used to be.


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