8 things you can learn from children every day


Children often find their first role models in their parents. They look up to them to understand and learn the different aspects and traits that help shape their life and build character. But there are so many things that we, parents, can also learn from our children.

No matter what age they are, all children possess qualities that we can try and adapt to. All we need to do is just sit and observe carefully. Here’s a glimpse of what you can learn from your children.

  1. Be honest: Children are the epitome of honesty. Even if they make a mistake, they will come to you and admit it. Honesty is what keeps their innocence alive and makes them even more lovable. It’s a trait that not many grown-ups possess nowadays.
  2. learn_secondBe fearless: Children are not afraid of anything. Not because they don’t understand the hazardous repercussions of their actions, but because they have a natural instinct that makes them fearless. They trust their inner strength and are always up to accept any challenge.
  3. Be curious: Children are the most curious beings on this planet. They always want to know more about the things they see. So they never think twice before laying their hands on anything that excites them. Their curiosity is what makes them explore more and feel happy about it.
  4. Be imaginative: Children have an imagination of their own. Some show their imagination on the walls, others by reshuffling stuff on the floor. It’s their imagination that fills them will excitement and enables them to be creative with normal things.
  5. learn_thirdBe friendly: Children believe in not wasting their time when it comes to making new friends. Wherever they go they keep adding new faces to their friend list. They don’t judge others by any personality trait. A smile is all it takes to become their friend.
  6. Be happy: No matter what’s going on around them, children always find a way to become happy. It’s like a special gift that they are born with. They know how to make the most of everything and spend their time enjoying themselves.
  7. Be spontaneous: Children don’t plan their moves. They just go with the flow and do whatever they feel like doing. Their spontaneity becomes the adrenalin rush that always keeps them on the move.
  8. Be adventurous: Children are born with a zeal to be daring and adventurous. So much that they tend to ignore all the dangers and just follow their guts. Their adventurous nature is what keeps them always active and fills them with the power to do what adults can’t.

There’s a lot that children can teach us. Specially in today’s age where we live everyday like a routine. We have somehow forgotten what we used to be before we sank neck deep in our professional and personal lives. May be it is time to give ourselves a second chance and live the way we were meant to be.


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