8 types of emotional problems and their solutions


Health is a natural and vital concern for all of us. It’s a dynamic process which changes every time. Good health is blessing and essential. A person with good health can work more in short span and does not shirk his duties. He can work reasonably and never leave things undone. Good health gives vigour and strength to his work. He also enjoys the food which he takes and enjoys life in every limb. Wellness is an enhancement in quality of life with personal growth or positive behaviours and attitude, and if we take responsibility for our wellbeing, we can cope up with career success, physical activities, emotional problems, and stress coping.

Good health is a priceless blessing in life. Maintain it by physical exercise, early morning walk, play, balanced diet, proper rest and keep anxieties away. Disorders take place when we don’t maintain our health and get irresponsible about our food or sleep. A psychological disease which can occur due to carelessness is a mental disorder. In which, ability to learn and intellectual growth gets effects. The mental disorder is an illness of the mind which affects behaviour, feelings, and mood of a person. Usually, every one of us experiences sadness, happy, healthy, sick,  and sometimes it persists for a day, week or month. If such feelings disrupt out these beliefs, then there’s mental or emotional disorder.

Disorders begin in childhood or adolescence and may go undiagnosed or untreated for years. The emotional chaos categorises in mental disorder in which emotions got disturbed to some extent, and this happens due to abnormalities in the brain development or its function. If your emotions and feelings, not in the proper state than it’s a psychological issue. If the personality of individual manifest clearly by unduly emotional thinking and dramatic behaviour than it’s a clear indication of the emotional disorder.

Emotional problems are not very specific it’s a correlation between the disorders with particular factors like physical abuse, poverty, being neglected, parental stress, over expectations, changes in rules, confusions and so on. Here we are defining eight emotional problems and its solutions which we can face in daily life.

Depression, one of the imminent emotional problems

Peoples who are depressed are suffering from a passing case of blues. Depression is feeling of sadness, hopelessness and being helpless. It’s something that you are under the dark shadow. Mostly, depression is treatable because it gives you feel to live. Don’t feel awkward to seek help if you are not getting rest due to this. It can also cause of medicines such as sleeping pills or high blood pressure medicines and drugs. Patient with depression goes towards medications due to this depressing feeling, and in some extreme cases, it leads to suicide. Psychotherapy, antidepressants, Exercise, Healthy food, Good sleep, planning of life are the treatments of depression.


Phobia is an irrational fear of any specific thing. For most people, concerns are minor, but when it becomes severe, it gives tremendous anxiety and disturbs normal life. Common phobias are close places, height, snakes, needles, etc. These all are curable to a great extent. Phobias develop in children mostly and leave an impact on their life. A significant phobia is to feel every fear in everything which is severe and not curable actually. It will pursue person to do suicide. Its treatment is to overcome by yourself or recognize the internal strength of yours. Behaviour therapy, counter conditioning, and the systematic therapeutic process can help out phobia’s patient.

Emotional eating, one of the most easily identifiable emotional problems

We are emotionally disturbed or can’t express feelings than we start over/under eating due to mix feelings or fears. Diagnoses of emotional eating are quite tricky. Psychologists say emotional eating caused by stress, and it also affects obesity. Anger, Shame, Guilt, Loneliness, Fear, Boredom these all are the factors due to which person starts emotional eating which is less in nutrition’s and harmful to the body. The more significant concern is how to stop for everybody. The coping mechanism works out in this situation only. Motivation and sharing your thoughts or feelings are the cure by which person stops eating and focus on other necessities of life.


Stubbornness is an emotional problem which happens due to fear of losing something, and it will make person rigid about everything he has in his life. Counselling is the best way to cure this emotional behaviour. Many peoples take this word “stubbornness” very challenging and call it proud, rebellious, unfaithful, greedy and defiant which is true if you have apparel perception. People also use defence mechanism to support their rigidness which is not the appropriate way. A person has to consult a counsellor to get it treated.


Though being sensitive is not a crime but being hypersensitive brings a bunch of trouble to your plate. There is no harm in showing your emotional side. But sometimes, some individuals get highly emotional. There are several perks of being hypersensitive. Likewise, such individuals are oriented, but along with it, there are many flaws. Hypersensitive individuals usually overwork. They end up taking too many responsibilities which at the end of the day’s play make them suffer.

They usually get stressed quickly. It causes several problems like headaches, migraine, depression, etc. One can overcome the hypersensitivity by doing meditation, listening to calm music and creating a balance between things.


At some point in life, you start feeling lonely. You isolate yourself from the world for a particular period. It is quite reasonable for any individual, but if the same thing happens to you quite often, it means that you are suffering from isolation. Some of the reasons are bully at school, lack of self-confidence, fear of losing friends, and fear of getting hurt, etc. It is a mental condition in which you almost lose yourself. In this situation, a person thinks that he is not worthy and start questioning his life. Sometimes, the state gets worse, and some individuals become suicidal even they isolate themselves from the world.

There are ways to overcome this emotional problem, some of them are meeting the old friends, trying to connect with them. If a person doesn’t feel comfortable in the company of his friends, he can join online communities and become a part of different discussions. Another way of getting rid of the problem is to go to some park and feel the nature. When you get closer to nature, you get calm. Once you are calm, you stop questioning life and start enjoying it. Owning a pet can also help an individual in getting rid of the isolation. You get to communicate with a pet, and you sense the feeling of love.

Aggression, one of the most neglected emotional problems

Aggression is the term that uses for those individuals who are self-destructive or cause pain to others. Aggression has numerous forms. It can be physical, mental, emotional and verbal. Multiple factors contribute to it. Sometimes, the upbringing is the cause of aggression in an individual. When a person feels ignored or when he suffers the verbal abuse, he gets aggressive. Not only parenting is the leading cause, but sometimes a traumatic incident gives rise to the extreme level of emotions.

Though it is curable one needs to be very calm with the person who is aggressive. When a person gets aggressive, you need to give them some space. Due to the poor impulsive control, an energetic person can physically harm himself. Don’t say any word that worsens his/her condition. Getting in touch with the doctor or a psychiatrist is essential. He can recommend some medications that will help in curing it. The medicines directly target the neurotransmitters of the brain which helps in relaxing the brain cells.

Panic Attacks

It is the condition in which a person finds it hard to breathe due to the intense level of fear and anxiety. The fierce wave of terror can hitch you anytime without showing any symptom. The leading cause of the panic attack is still unclear, but sometimes any traumatic incident becomes the reason.

To cure this problem, the sufferer needs to do deep breathing exercises. When you learn to control the breathing, you get the control of your reaction towards the different situation. Lavender has been proven to cure the panic attacks. You can have lavender oil with you, and in the condition of a panic attack you can apply it on your hands and breathe in the scent. To some extent, it will get cured.

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