9 Unusual And Early Signs Of Pregnancy


A missed period is not an early sign of pregnancy at all times, contrary to popular belief. Pregnancy brings rapid body changes that slide into our everyday activities without us noticing. There are various symptoms that can be an active indication of pregnancy in hiding. 

If you are constantly trying to conceive, then keeping track of pregnancy symptoms can help in early detection & care. 

It is also noteworthy that PMS (premenstrual syndrome) too can mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. So it is always advised to wait for some time for the periods to come before finally taking the test. 

9 Unusual And Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Morning sickness: Morning sickness is a common early pregnancy sign notorious for causing unbelievable trouble during the initial months. It is a very early indication of underlying pregnancy. Merely a few weeks after conceiving, morning sickness kicks in. 

The body produces high concentrations of estrogen and progesterone ultimately resulting in nausea and puking. Morning sickness usually gets lower after the first trimester for some women, while others can experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancy. 

Fatigue: Feeling of tiredness and exhaustion is common during pregnancy, despite having slept a good 7 to 8 hours. Often a result of hormonal changes, fatigue is commonly experienced by women in their first trimester. However, it is a common early pregnancy sign wherein women can feel extremely tired since the heart has to pump more blood than usual. 

The developing fetus has its own growing nutritional and oxygen supply demands that the heart must meet to sustain the pregnancy successfully. Fatigue experienced during pregnancy also calls for a more nutritious diet as the growing baby will need it for its growth. This symptom usually ends in the first trimester for many women. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is crucial, along with drinking plenty of water & other fluids. Resting is also important. 

Changes in the breast/breast soreness: Breast soreness is again a sign commonly shared between early pregnancy signs and PMS. The breasts feel swollen, sore, and tender to the touch. The extent of soreness can become so much that many women find it difficult to wear bras and clothing. 

Since the sign is shared with PMS as well, the biggest indication to look at is breast soreness due to pregnancy might happen any time in the month and not usually around the time you could be expecting the period to start. Additionally, the darker skin around the nipples – areolas, may enlarge and might become darker in color as an indication of the upcoming lactation phase. 

Spotting between periods: Spotting is a pregnancy sign to look for and often a reason to take an early pregnancy scan. You can experience small spots of light pink to brownish blood stains that may appear a week or ten days before your period. This is known as implantation bleeding and is often confused with the initial days of periods. The fertilized eggs attach themselves to the uterine lining during the implantation process. This can cause minor irritation and bleeding.  

Minor cramps: During pregnancy, the flow of blood increases significantly in the body. The increase in the flow of blood to the uterus can trigger minor cramping. These cramps are mild and might seem like initial period cramps. In case the cramping is heavier than ever experienced, consider seeing a doctor immediately. This is an early pregnancy symptom that is often confused with PMS. In case you are experiencing spotting and minor cramping, chances are you could be pregnant! 

Visiting the bathroom frequently: As the fetus starts to grow, it becomes larger in size, and to accommodate it, the uterus expands, pressing other organs. After having conceived, the kidneys have to work extra hard to filter the increase in the flow of blood. This eventually results in the need for frequent urination. This is a notable early pregnancy symptom that usually happens before the missed period. 

Smell sensitivities: Pregnancy has different effects on different women. An enhanced sense of smell is a commonly observed sign of early pregnancy. Certain smells (regardless of how refreshing and nice they may normally be) can trigger nausea and morning sickness. The extent is such that even the slightest smell can really be a trigger. 

Food preferences shift:  hormones can trigger cravings for certain, very specific food types. These cravings don’t have to be about one particular recipe but rather a taste you might be craving. Some common cravings include sweet, sour, tangy, and at times salty. 

Cravings for ice creams and pickles too usually heighten during pregnancy. On the other hand, loss of appetite shouldn’t be ignored at any time. 

Feeling of dizziness and giddiness: During the first few weeks of pregnancy, feeling dizzy or lightheaded is common as the body is adjusting through the dilation in the blood vessels, which prepares the body to ensure a smooth flow of blood. This can lower blood pressure, resulting in dizziness. 

Taking Care Of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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  • Early pregnancy symptoms can be managed with care and lifestyle changes. While morning sickness cannot be completely resolved, taking vitamins and minerals at the right time can help in managing symptoms of morning sickness well

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B variants are really helpful in helping combat morning sickness

  • Excessive weight gain is also a symptom that many go through. To combat this, consider eating a nutrition-rich diet that is packed with carbs, proteins, and fibers

  • Consider getting a pregnancy scan once every month to track the growth of the fetal development

  • Track early pregnancy scan to understand if the fetus is healthy and growing well

  • Avoid alcohol beverage consumption

  • Smoking should be avoided as well

  • Limit your caffeine consumption to one cup per day. If you are someone who enjoys a cup of warm coffee, consider investing in organic brands that are transparent about the ingredients.


If you think that you are pregnant and are experiencing any of the early signs of pregnancy, then book a consultation with your GP today.


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