Common Challenges faced by new mums


One of the most beautiful moments new mums and dads experience is holding their baby first.

However, once you’ve brought your kid home, you’ll discover that you’ll need to make several life adjustments, which aren’t always simple.

These obstacles can be daunting for first-time mothers at times, and it may feel as if your entire life has altered.

You’re not the only one who feels this way.

Here are seven common obstacles that first-time mothers experience and some tips on how to deal with them to alleviate some of the stress.

  1. Breastfeeding Is a Difficult Task for first-time mothers

Everyone in your family and circle of friends has undoubtedly told you that you should breastfeed your child. They claim it is suitable for babies, and they are correct.

According to research, breastfeeding is suitable for your baby’s brain function and helps babies’ bond with first-time mothers.

Breastfeeding can feel unnatural (ironically) at first, taking some time to get used to. first-time mothers are frequently tense and frustrated as a result of this. Take some time to listen to your baby’s hunger cues and, if possible, set up a nursing place to help your baby get used to breastfeeding. When nursing, the more relaxed you are, the happier you will be, and the more oxytocin your body produces, the more milk you will produce!

If you’re concerned that you’re not nursing correctly, you can always hire a lactation consultant to show you how. they’ll also let you know when you’re doing a good job, which is reassuring. Breastfeeding success hinges on finding the perfect latch and understanding how to increase your milk production.

There are various outside places to obtain some oxygen and nurse your baby if you feel constrained and want to get out of the house. Both of you will benefit from the fresh air. Add some nursing-friendly attire to your closet so you may nurse in public and feel entirely confident in those early days when you’re not sure where to begin.

  1. You Think of Yourself as a Supermum

Many first-time mothers have unrealistic expectations of themselves. They believe they must be perfect in every manner and do not allow themselves to relax.

They sing to their babies, read to them, nurse and change them, clean the house, and take on various other activities.

first-time mothers often believe they aren’t good mothers if they aren’t doing something for their baby at all hours of the day and night or if their home is starting to appear unkempt.

If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to put an end to the madness and schedule some time for yourself!!

Get rid of your guilt!

Everyone requires a rest. To play, place your baby in a crib or a baby bouncy seat. Babies adore them.

Take some time to shower, wash your hair, raise your feet, relax, and read a magazine. Make use of the baby monitor. A lot of babies’ cry. You’ll discover that you don’t have to get up every time your baby cries.

Another option is to speak with a seasoned mother. She can tell you what to expect, what you should let go of, and what you should be worried about.

And, by all means, enlist the assistance of your partner!

If you’re disappointed and unhappy about returning to work, which is pretty normal for most parents, remember that you can still offer your kid loving and breastmilk while working.

  1. Sleep Deprivation Makes first-time mothers Tired

You probably slept through the night before you had your baby. When your baby arrives, though, this often changes.

Babies get up at various times throughout the night, and some may stay up all night. This, without a doubt, exhausts first-time mothers.

You’ll have to become used to your baby’s sleeping and waking schedule. Don’t clean the house while the infant is napping, for example.

Now is the time for you to sleep! First, allow your partner to fill in for you for a “shift” so you can get some rest. If that isn’t an option, consider hiring outside help, such as a mother’s helper, even if only for a few hours, or enlisting the use of a family member so you can get some rest.

To avoid feeling even wearier, eat healthful, nutrient-dense foods. Junk eating wears you out! Instead, go for a stroller walk and fuel up on something like a milk-boosting acai bowl to give yourself the energy boost you need, especially if cat naps aren’t a possibility.

  1. When Your Baby Isn’t Happy, You Blame Yourself

Worriers abound among new mothers. When their kid cries, has gas or spits up, they assume it’s because of anything they’ve done wrong. They’ve consumed something that is causing harm to their child.

You can rest because these baby movements are regular.

In this vast wide world, your baby is making adjustments as well. The first few weeks are difficult, but they pass quickly. You will be proud of yourself for surviving those days at the end of the day. And throughout it all you have your best pregnancy pal Nurturey to assist you and track your child’s milestones. To know more, visit www.nurturey.com



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