Constructive activities to engage your energetic child


“Please don’t jump on the sofa.” I sternly warn my son who is dressed in a makeshift cape and is yielding a light sabre. He makes yet another run for the sofa and says in all sincerity, “But mom, I’m jumping from the roof to kill the bad men.” Next moment my money plant falls off the side table. I sigh and give a dirty look to my son as he slithers away to his room.

Children are abundant in energy and imagination. So if you do not give them something to put their energy in they will find their own ingenious ways, at your expense. If your child is bringing the house, here are a few ways to channel their energy, indoors and outdoors.

The great outdoors offer an effective way to channelise your child’s energy and help his/her physical and mental development:

The karate kid

Martial arts of any kind are a great way to help your child find focus in today’s world of distraction. He/she will not only attain better body co-ordination, efficient breathing and muscle strength but also achieve self-confidence and self-respect.

Your little athleteconstructive_second

Outdoor games such as football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and badminton are superb way for your child to vent his/her energy. These games also teach your child about team work, sportsmanship and competition. Swimming and running are also terrific forms of exercise and assist in building self-discipline.

Nature lover

Nature is mesmerising in its beauty and stillness. Take your child for a simple walk or go for some elaborate trekking, hiking, rock-climbing or rowing experience with your child.

However, if you and your child are homebound and outdoors are not really an option for some reason, there are multiple ways to address that excessive, bubbling energy in your little one:

The reader

If you can inspire a love for reading in your child at an early age, you and your child are sorted. It not only is an activity that your child can find absolute focus in, it is constructively entertaining and enlightening. It is a fantastic platform, as well, for you and your child to discuss ideas and opinions.

constructive_thirdThe sound of music

Doesn’t music soothe your tired nerves and still your galloping thoughts? It works the same way for children.  Music exercises both sides of the brains simultaneously, thereby calming the brain. This consequently helps your child multi-task and store information efficiently. If he/she becomes a part of a choir or band, it again imparts the lessons of team work.

A drama king/queen

Drama is a fabulous means of building self-confidence, imagination, team work, communication skills, concentration, problem solving, memory, social skills, aesthetic appreciation, creativity and emotional intelligence in your child.  Let him/her nurture his/her acting skills and who knows, Broadway may not be far.

The thinker

Games such as scrabble and chess are excellent exercises for the brain. Miraculously, you might find your jumping jack focussed and still with these game options. If your child has a short attention span and too much energy, this is your mantra.

The little masterchef

Get your energetic cupcake engaged in some baking. Baking will teach your child about ingredients, measurement, the science behind the technique, reading a recipe and following it, and of course, being patient while the batter bakes. It sure is messy and a little extra work for you. But after the hard work, when you sit together to share those little goodies, it will seem worth the effort.

The helper

There will be times when all the fun activities are over and there is still time to kill. Engage your child in household chores. It’s an efficient technique to occupy them and instil a sense of responsibility. Children are usually fascinated with the chores adults do and for them it may occur as a grown-up and fun thing-to-do.

As you surf though these activities to engage your child in, you just might experience a moment of serendipity and discover your child’s passion. Now that’s a priceless gift for life.


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