Promoting your child’s social and cognitive development


“Whoosh! I’ll be Superman. Look, I am the tallest,” announces my three-year-old Henry to his imaginary friends (whom he has lovingly named too) while trying hard to balance his weight on his toes in order to appear taller. I couldn’t help but smile. Ever since I came across Nurturey.com, I add all little details to Henry’s account. It is essential to track my little one’s development to ensure that I am doing everything right.

Henry’s sweet little act again reminds me of the importance of role-play or pretend play in children’s lives. Children aged between 3 and 7 learn a lot from role play. Many studies have also proved that role play encourages a child’s cognitive and social development.  Today, I would like to share some steps I took and still follow towards my child’s social and cognitive development. Hope these help you too.

  1.  Sing along – That’s my favourite. Singing Henry’s favourite songs and stopping in between so he can pick up from there. Initially he could only say a word or two but yesterday he completed the entire line and I proudly added that to Nurturey’s Milestones.
  2. Consistent bedtimes – Earlier he used to cry and cling to me, he also tried to bargain but I was undeterred as I knew a regular bedtime is important. According to a research conducted by University College London which included 19,000 children in the United Kingdom shows that children with irregular betimes have lower scores in all three areas – reading, spatial awareness and most importantly math.
  3. Today is your day – I offer Henry choices in almost everything. “Would you want to wear brown or blue shorts today?” “You want choco chip or Oreo shake?” His face beams with confidence as he gets to decide.
  4. Take local trips – I add a trip to my calendar in Nurturey.com (like a best friend, it doesn’t let me forget anything relevant to my child) for the weekend and take him to visit the museum or the Central Park and encourage him to ask questions to stimulate curiosity. After all, that’s how we learned.

We all know a good parent needs maturity, patience (lots of it), knowledge and a supportive family. With a friend like Nurturey.com, no one can stop you from becoming the perfect one.

Let Nurturey handle the documents, the appointments, the measurement tracking and all the other things that need remembering, while you can focus on the growth of your child!

Happy parenting 🙂


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