Simple ways to help your child fight pollution


The grip of pollution on our lives is getting tighter by the day. With the kind of level of pollution that we have around us today, one measure is not enough to keep us safe. Specially when it comes to our children as they are more prone to this deadly threat. As a parent, it’s one of our biggest responsibilities to keep them safe from pollution by taking all the measure that we possibly can. To start with, here are a few simple yet efficient steps that can empower your child to fight against the rising levels of pollution.

  • Download apps on your phone that help you keep a check on the air quality levels. If your child uses a mobile phone as well, make him download it as well. It will make her / him more aware of the pollution levels in and around the city and help navigate with minimum exposure.
  • Always keep your AC filters clean as children like to spend more time under the AC. Remember that the air that comes out of it not only makes them feel better but also goes directly into their lungs.
  • Buy them a mask, immediately. Also, make sure that it is rated N95 or N99. The N95 and N99 masks are designed to filter out 95% and 99% of the very small particles present in the atmosphere, respectively.
  • If possible, buy air purifiers that come with HEPA filters. These filters are the most reliable ones when it comes to provide clean air to safeguard your children as they have the ability to remove PM 2.5 particles from the atmosphere.
  • Ask your child to play indoors as much as possible. The air inside your house is much safer and clean that the air outside it. Also, make sure that your child doesn’t go out during the night. Because pollution level rises when the temperature drops.
  • Tell your child to avoid areas where pollution level tends to be on the higher side. Like busy roads, construction sites and industrial areas. Teach her / him the importance to roam around areas like parks and other places that have ample amount of trees.
  • When you take your child out with you, avoid walking even if the distance you travel is relatively shorter. Take public transport that’s completely closed, like AC buses or a Metro.
  • pollution_secondMake your child drink plenty of water through the day. It will help to keep her / his airways clean to some extent and also keep her / him hydrated.

Relentless dedication towards these preventing measures can safeguard our children from pollution. Remember that it’s a fight that will go on for very long. So prepare yourself and your children accordingly. Sit them down and explain the importance of these measures so they can play their part in it. Because only together your whole family can breathe easier.


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