Six ways to keep your child hydrated, this summer


Compared to adults, children are more prone to dehydration because their body does not cool down efficiently. Since they are also more active than adults, fluids leave their body faster in the form of sweat. Especially in summers, when the sun shines at its brightest, dehydration can lead to very serious results.

Taking these handful of precautions can help your child escape dehydration and enjoy summers.

  1. Plenty of water: Water is the best fluid not only to quench your child’s thirst but to keep him hydrated through the day. Make sure that he drinks it every few hours. To make it a habit out of him, buy some nice looking and colourful straws. Children love to drink fluids with straws that go round and round or come in squiggly shapes.
  2. hydrate_secondFresh juices: If your child denies drinking water because he has had enough of it, it’s time to squeeze an orange and serve it in a glass. Drinking juice will not only refresh him but also provide with the much needed nutrition. Depending upon the fruit your child likes you can prepare juice in the matter of few minutes.
  3. Ice: Children love ice. Be it in water, juices or just a cube, they just love the idea of putting ice in their mouth. Try to include as much fresh water ice in their everyday fluid intake as you can. Getting some fun ice cube might be a nice idea. So they can have fun with their ice while having their fill of hydration.
  4. Fruits: Fruits rich in water are a great way to keep dehydration at bay. Fruits like watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe and pineapple can be a wonderful source of water. If you can get hold of two or three of these, you can try making a colourful fruit salad that will not only look beautiful but refresh your child’s senses as well.
  5. Less outdoor activities: Another way to keep your child hydrated is by not letting him spend too much time in the sun. If your child loves to play outdoors make sure that he only goes out when the sun is about to go down. If he still wants to go and play during the day, dress him in light colour clothes which cover all his body parts fully.
  6. hydrate_thirdFrozen treats: Have you tried homemade popsicles yet? If not, try them this summer. Use fruits like mashed banana, cooked apple or peach or anything else that your child likes. Don’t worry if you don’t have a popsicle maker because an ice tray can also come handy here. It will be a treat your child will never say no to.

Proper hydration is important for the efficient functioning of your child’s body. Depending upon his age find out how much water he needs every day and make sure that he drinks it. It’s a habit that will keep him stay healthier for the rest of his life.


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