Teach your child to help others in 5 simple steps


As families we live in communities that we belong to, or wish to be a part of. These communities have close-knit circles of smaller families, or groups. They define our existence and help us with our lives when we need them to. Which, in turn, coverts this cluster of individual families into a big universe.

To keep this universe intact and running, it is important for families to meet and help each other whenever required. Children, being a part of each family, need to learn the habit of helping others as well. After all, one day will take over from their parents. The sooner this process begins, the better results it produces. To help you with the same, here are the five easy methods that you can opt for:

  1. Lead by example: Actions speak louder than words. When it comes to developing a helping nature, children learn the most from their parents. In family dinners or gatherings, when they see you helping, they feel like participating in it. Family gatherings or outings are a great way to inculcate a helping behaviour in children.
  2. Emphasise on the importance of helping: Tell your children that helping others is a trait that every good person possesses. When they know that people who help others get helped by others when the time comes, they will give it a more serious thought. Give them examples of people they know or look up to, from your family, friends or in the neighbourhood.
  3. help_secondTake them to local communities: A local community in your neighbourhood, like a soup kitchen or anywhere that has to do with ‘help’, is a place where good things happen. It’s where your children can witness the goodness and helpful nature in people. It motivates them to get up and lend a hand.
  4. Read stories about helpful characters: Reading to your children comes with many benefits. While choosing the books to read, make sure to pick stories that have the main characters helping others. Children often find their first heroes in the stories you read to them. After you finish reading, discuss the character with them and ask for their feedback. It will tell you how much they are inspired by it.
  5. Appreciate them: A timely appreciation helps children understand the true value of their efforts. When you see them help others, give them a slow clap. Children, whether they show it or not, secretly crave for their parent’s admiration. When you appreciate their efforts, they will try harder to do a better job the nest time.

A helping nature ensures a happy and successful life. The more your children help others, the better they do, in life. They are respected for their efforts and they build a strong character for themselves. And nothing satisfies a parent more than knowing they have raised a good human being. So make the most of these methods and see your children hopping on the ‘help’ wagon.


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