Trying to get pregnant? Make a list of pregnancy essentials checklist in the kit


When you’re expecting a child, your body undergoes a remarkable transformation, but it also brings with it an array of new challenges: a host of physical and emotional symptoms, as well as a zillion concerns that remain unanswered. In order to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, you should have a pregnancy essentials checklist. 

When it comes down to it, there’s really nothing more you need to do in order to have a successful pregnancy. A nine-month pregnancy is a short time, so don’t go crazy with your shopping or stockpiling. There are, however, a few tools that may make your pregnancy a bit easier without breaking the bank.

When you’re pregnant, you need these in your pregnancy essentials checklist.

Consider all of the available pregnancy items before making a decision on what to buy for your pregnancy. The goal is to understand the practical applications of the items. The pregnancy essentials checklist can be difficult to narrow down, but hopefully, this list will make it a little easier.

Extenders for the bra

Your band size may need to be adjusted more often throughout the first few weeks of your pregnancy.  Your mammary glands are spread over your chest and even to the sides. Your former cup size may still fit, but the straps won’t connect properly at the rear when they expand. The most cost-effective and practical solution to this problem is the use of bra extenders.

Lotion or Oil for Massage

Increased stress on your internal systems and decreased circulation in your hands and feet occur as your pregnancy advances. Increased blood flow is one of the many benefits of regular massages of the hands and feet. Good massage oil, moisturiser, or lotion helps regulate circulation and combat skin issues like dry hands, dry feet, and ankles that are common during pregnancy.


Vitamins are essential during your pregnancy as well as during your postnatal period!

The no. 1 pregnancy supplement brand in the UK – Pregnacare, brings you breastfeeding tablets that every mum should get! Carefully formulated with nutrients like vitamins, iron, iodine and omega-3, this tablet not only produces nutritious breast milk but also maintains health during the postnatal period.

Hot water bag

When your back, feet, or any other ailment is bothering you, a hot water bag could be your saviour. To give yourself a light massage, you could even buy a battery-operated hot-water bottle with a massager. During your second and third trimester, your hot water bag will become a necessity in your pregnancy essentials checklist.

Easy-to-wear Shoes

Pregnancy increases the size of your feet, whether you want it or not. Then there’s the non-permanent swelling as well. You can’t go wrong with a pair or two of flat loafers or athleisure shoes. 

Sleep mask

Pregnancy may bring with it aches, pains, discomfort, and worried thoughts. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your body’s recovery and relaxation, but your heightened sensitivity to light may make it difficult. As a result, a sleep mask is an absolute must.

Maternity clothes

For the majority of us, purchasing maternity clothing is a no-brainer. After all, you’ll outgrow your pre-pregnancy wardrobe sooner or later.  A few days following a positive pregnancy test, some women are unable to button their trousers, and this might last for weeks.

You may be able to get away with a waist expander or simply wearing sweatpants for a time, but maternity pants are the most important thing to stock up on. Maternity shirts and pants are a necessity by the second trimester, as your belly, waist, rib cage, and breasts all expand and grow during this time.

Pregnancy books

Each week of your pregnancy will be unique and exciting, and your body and baby will develop and change in a variety of ways. There are moments when the process may be overwhelming and distressing, and you may wonder what is going on with your body.

You can count on a good pregnancy book, particularly one with images and graphics, as a constant companion as you go through the months. To help you get ready for your prenatal appointments, most books include information on foetal development and changes to your body during pregnancy, as well as information on what to expect during delivery and in the postpartum period. This is a must in your pregnancy essentials checklist. We have a list of amazing book recommendations that you will love – www.nurturey.com/blog/7-books-every-expecting-parent-should-read/ .

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