10 habits that make you a great parent


Parenthood is a time of great joy. When you hold your baby for the first time in your arms, the world seems so perfect. With time, parents get to know that this world of theirs won’t become perfect without their sincere efforts. So they gear up to do what they have never done before. As the baby grows up, its role and responsibilities also get bigger. First-time parents find their state very confusing and often look up to others for help. With experience and patience, they learn the secrets of becoming a great parent without killing themselves too much. For your ease, and to save you some good quality time, we have come up with ten basic habits that can turn you into a great parent.

Laugh with them: Laughing is important for kids – physically as well as mentally. Try to participate in their laughing sessions. When you join them in that, it makes them feel safe. Do it twice or thrice a day. It’s good for both of you!

Don’t treat them like adults:

Kids are kids for a reason. Neither expects them to behave like adults nor treat them like ones. They take their time to learn and understand things. Be patient with them and it will pay off soon.

Make simple rules: Be it about food, playtime, or anything else, always set simple rules for kids, and make sure that they abide by them. Like “it’s time to brush your teeth” or “pick up all your toys”. Simpler the rules, the higher the impact on their behavior.

Talk less, act more: Sometimes you need to stop saying and start acting. Especially when the kid does something he is not supposed to or gets adamant. Then you need to use actions over words and teach him a lesson. A little act of punishment can bring a positive change in his activities.

Reward more than punishing: Don’t ignore your kid’s good behavior. Always remember that reward goes a long way. So if you punish him once, make sure you reward him thrice as well. Frequent rewards will inculcate a sense of goodness in him.great_parent_reward

Model how you expect them to act: Kids don’t always follow what comes out of your mouth. But when they see you do it, they tend to follow it more often. If you want to be your kids’ role model, then action speaks louder than words.

Interrupt them less: Kids don’t like to be disturbed while doing their favorite activity. If you interrupt them, they might get offended and use harsh words. It’s always better to observe them from a distance and interrupt less.

Don’t force-feed: Kids eat only when they are hungry. If you try to force-feed them, they might get aggressive or throw away the food. Just trust them on this and go easy. They will ask for it once the hunger pangs bite them.

Don’t always boss around: Kids like to be free. It’s an intrinsic part of their nature. While it’s good to set rules for them, it’s not recommended to boss them around in whatever they do. Setting them free to do what they want is equally important for them to learn by themselves.


Read them a bedtime story
Kids love to sleep to their favorite bedtime stories. It not only makes the parent-kid bond stronger but also helps them sleep with a positive mindset. When they grow up, try to have them read with you. This will help them get imaginative and make them smarter.

Parenthood makes you realize your potential and informs you about your weaknesses. It is only with time that one can become a parent that he or she will be proud of. Of course, this perfectness is not achieved overnight. So just sit back and make the most of this long, beautiful journey.

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    Loved reading the blog. As a first time parent,I was able to relate many of the situations quoted here. And the suggestions marked here are sensible too..!!

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    It is very well written. As a first time parent I am able to understand what and how should we raise our kids… Thank u very much

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