7 simple ways to keep first-time parenting stress at bay


Becoming a parent is one of the world’s greatest joys one can experience. But this joy comes at a cost. Sleepless nights and tired days are part of the whole deal. Sometimes, for first time parents, parenting can bring along the sea of stress which is bound to sweep them away. Most of the parents go through the cycle of stress at least once in their lifetime. Parenthood doubles the responsibility of an individual overnight. If both the parents are working 8 hours a day, the job gets more and more stressful for them. But there are always ways that can help you keeping in good mental health and push stress out of your life. Trying the following points can help you with that.

Divide Responsibilities: You could try dividing the work amongst partners. It is a good way to cut stress by half. Having specific responsibilities at hand can help to enhance focus and improves the success rate of efforts. When jobs are done in required time, you may feel delighted rather than stressful.

Call Friends: Talking to friends can be a nice way to divert your mind. And it just takes one phone call! Talking to friends with kids can benefit you immensely. You can share your situations with them and their experience with kids might be very helpful in paving the way for you to a stress-free parenthood.

stress_firstDiscuss With Your Parents: Your parents are the most experience people with kids you know. After all they are the people who grew you up! When it comes to tackling the stress of parenting, having a cordial discussion can be very helpful. If they are not around, just pick up the phone and get started. Their words of wisdom can make you feel relaxed and comforted. By opening your heart to them you will close the door for stress to enter your mind space.

Do What You Love: Reading, music, dancing, movies – there is so much you can pick up to fight stress. Try to take some time off to indulge in the things you love the most. Anything that calms your mind and puts you at ease is worth a try. Indulging in hobbies can make you feel refreshed after a hectic and stressful day.

Take Time For Each Other: Becoming a parent is just another reason for you to pay attention to each other. Try and talk to each other as much as you can to help you understand each other better post parenthood. Knowing each other’s newly developed responsibilities will also help you find a new respect for each other. Spending some time together can help to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

stress_secondLeave Work At Workplace: Letting your work meet your parenthood might not be a good idea. It is highly beneficial to keep your professional self out of your home. Since parenting itself is a full time job, leaving work at office can help to focus on parenting and may never let stress get into your head.

Think Positive: Parenthood may be the reason your life is changing drastically. Sometimes it includes things you have never imagined to do or have no idea how to do them. Which can make you feel restless or nervous. But the bright side is just across the corner. The world is full of parents like you. If they can sail through this whole process, so can you. Keeping a positive attitude and treating every day as a learning experience can ease the process. There’s no manual to make you great parent. Only an open and positive mind can help you become one.

With time you will be able to notice that ideal parenthood does not come with a formula and may require a great deal or efforts and patience. Sometimes parenting succeeds to get the better out of you. But dealing with stress as just an aspect, and not the whole process, can help you manage it better. The points above can assist you in that endeavour. Consider stress as little bumps in this joyful journey of parenthood and steer ahead with a smile on your face.


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