5 reasons why extracurricular activities are important


More than academics, children are passionate about so many other things. Be it acting, dancing, singing, painting, sports or anything else, every child is interested in something that lets her / him explore her / his hidden talent. For a parent, it is very important to provide children with opportunities that will enable them follow their passion through these extracurricular activities. Because when it comes to children, passion is what brings their inner desires alive. Through their passion they want the world to know what they are capable of doing and sometimes find their true calling as well. So make sure that your child follows her / his passion wholeheartedly.

Extracurricular activities are not just a way to keep children busy but also teach lessons for a lifetime. When children are involved in extracurricular activities, they explore a new world of companionship. Interaction with other children makes them realise what they did not know yet. Extracurricular activities provide for a stress-free environment where children make new friends, learn new skills, become physically active and discover their true potential.

Still thinking about it? Here are five reasons why you should be encouraging your child to take up extracurricular activities right now.

  1. Healthy lifestyle: Extracurricular activities which involve continuous physical movements, like in sports and dance, keep children active all the time. This physical activeness brings along many health benefits. Children who participate in these activities grow fitter than other children and also enjoy a healthier lifestyle. With physical fitness, their immunity also grows and they develop the power to fight seasonal diseases. In a world where children are fighting like warriors to stay ahead in academics, extracurricular activities ensure that they live stress-free and get to pursue their passion as well.
  2. Extracurricular ActivitiesTeam spirit: Sports, dance, music and theatre – they are just perfect platforms when it comes to learning team spirit. When your child participates in any one of these, she / he will learn the importance of cooperation and start valuing the contribution of others. Team spirit is what teaches children how every member or person is important in the group and should be respected for her / his efforts and support. It is a learning that enables them to understand many things in life better. Understanding the importance of others and respecting them is one value every child should learn. Read our blog to see how your child learns the most important things through play.
  3. Time management: Extracurricular activities teach children more than just following their passion and keep fit. They teach them the aspect which is one of the most sought after these days – time management. In sports, everything is time bound. Through that children learn to manage time and prioritise things accordingly. Sports can also teach them to think on their feet and learn to make strategies on the go, enhancing their analytical skills and making their brains sharper. You could also read our blog for 5 tips to teach time management to your little one.
  4. Extracurricular ActivitiesBuilding relationships: Activities that require more than one child working towards a common objective, like football, cricket, group dancing, ice hockey, etc. teach children to work in tandem and share responsibilities. Participation in these activities ensures skill development and understanding each-others’ strengths and weaknesses. Once they do that, they learn to work with each other to achieve success. Also, extracurricular activities teach children how to build relationships and socialise with other children who share the same interests.
  5. Alternate profession: Extracurricular activities offer more than just a way to pass time or follow passion. They have always come handy when it came to carve professions out of them. Many beloved musicians, successful sportsmen and world-acclaimed painters started off as amateurs. Once they found passion in what they did, they followed it with 100% dedication and turned it into a profession. Your child can also find her / his true calling in the activity she / he picks to pursue after school. Tomorrow, she / he might become someone other children will look up to. You never know!

Nothing makes children happier than following their passion and being appreciated for that. Extracurricular activities enable children learn new things and have fun at the same time. Soon the passion turns into instinct and children master the craft they tenaciously follow.

So just let your child explore the world that awaits her / him. Be her / his strength by being a supporting parent and see them getting immersed in their desire and blossom like a fresh flower.

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