Paper red book by NHS is getting a digital makeover


Paper red book by NHS is getting a digital makeover and Nurturey is leading the way

Every UK parent knows their “red book” well – a personal child health record that is given to them right before or at their child’s birth to record important child health events such as vaccinations, milestones, measurements and more. But over the last decade, parents tend to find it a little cumbersome to have a physical book that may get damaged or lost – not ideal for the most accurate health record of a child.

Understanding the need for a more accessible and intuitive red book, the NHS launched a program to digitize the red book, called the Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR) program.

Aimed to replace the paper red book by 2023, the program already has complementary digital versions in the pipeline, with Nurturey PinkBook leading the way.

The need for a digital red book

In a report titled “The best start for life: a vision for the 1,001 critical days”, there were 6 areas of action that would help improve child health outcomes in all babies in England. One of those areas was the need for a digital version of the paper red book.

The paper red book has its limitations: the data can only be shared on a visit to the GP or with the Health Visitor, there’s no opportunity to tailor it to a parent’s needs such as adding photos or any other visual representation of the baby’s health and development. In the event of damage or misplacement of the personal child health record, critical information that is important to a child’s health journey is no longer accessible, stressing parents and carers out.

Addressing these issues and more, Nurturey PinkBook is the future of the NHS paper red book. 

What’s Nurturey PinkBook?

The smartest digital upgrade of the paper NHS red book has everything you know and more importantly, everything you need

A parent or carer will have the ability to access their child’s health records – accessing information such as newborn birth details, physical examination outcome, hearing screening, and blood spot test results. In addition, accessing this data will make it easier for them to manage their baby’s developmental reviews and upcoming appointments. They’ll also be able to access their child’s vaccination records (past and upcoming), details of their care team such as GP, midwives, and health visitors, and plot their growth and development using digital charts provided by the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health – empowering parents to make informed decisions regarding their child’s health.

Nurturey PinkBook has the added advantage of being integrated with the GP systems – so not only can a parent or carer access their child’s health records, they can also book appointments and reorder prescriptions for them (and the rest of their family) through the app. Furthermore, the PinkBook has integrated with the NHS syndicated content team so parents can access trusted information directly from the NHS on the app. To make sure parents are getting relevant information, the PinkBook has sophisticated algorithms in place to send trusted guidance according to the stage of their parenting journey.

Never has access to a family’s health care been this seamless and smooth!

The digital red book is not only for parents but expecting mothers as well

One of the most important understandings from the 1001 days report is that a child’s health journey starts from conception. Being a champion of women’s health, Nurturey PinkBook has built intuitive tools to help pregnant women feel supported and informed on their journey.

Tools such as Pregnancy Health Card to manage their pregnancy health checkups, Prenatal Tests that remind users of upcoming scans and tests, Kick Counter to track a baby’s movements, and more, have helped thousands of women manage their health during pregnancy.

In addition, expecting mothers can book appointments with their GP-linked midwives, reorder prescriptions and access trusted information directly from the NHS, all available on the PinkBook app.

 A user’s data is completely under their control

The DPCHR program, along with Nurturey PinkBook, understands the nature of data being shared. The PinkBook has gone through rigorous testing at different levels of the NHS integration as well as complies fully with the data standards set out by NHS to make sure a parent or pregnant woman has complete control over their data. In addition, the PinkBook stores no data locally – all the records accessed are directly pulled from the NHS systems.

Try out the PinkBook today! 

While the replacement version will be going live in 2023, the complementary version is available today on the App store and Play store.

With some of the features such as GP linking and NHS content available,  download Nurturey PinkBook and equip yourself with the future of the personal child health record. With the NHS login, all it will take is a couple of minutes and a few taps and voila! – welcome to the future of smart parenting.

It’s like Red, only better.

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